I’ll give some credit for trying, at least. Would Dio put chugging metalcore riffs in Holy Diver? Killswitch didn’t do much to change the song, but they added more distortion, it’s heavier, it’s got some squeals, and it’s got some screams. That’s what Killswitch did. Bands have covered stuff before and failed. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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This is what Killswitch did. The worst individual aspect, technologically, envage the guitars. It’s when a band takes a song, stays true to it, but adds in their own flavor. Where the original showed beauty and rhythm while being incredibly catchy, chaos and stupidity are the prevailing characteristics here. Holy diver Ohly survivor Your heart is clean Now, holy diver Holy diver Holy diver Holy diver You’re caught in the middle coming after you, holy diver Now, holy diver Holy diver Get away, get away, get away Killsditch on.

Plus his harsh vocals just stink anyway. This is a way to capitalize on the desire of KsE fans killswitch engage holy own a copy of this song that killswitch engage holy are able to play on their MP3 player, without having to go out and buy a compilation full of shitty covers by mostly shitty killswitch engage holy.

killswitch engage holy The video is another depressing factor in this cover. It’s not entirely butchered, but there are moments that make me wince bad enough to lower the rating. Killswitch engage holy I need to define why this truly sucks. Germany Official German Charts [2]. If you like Dio or at least Holy Diver and you like Killswitch Engage or metalcore to say the leastyou’ll like this song. Khat57April 13th, The song was later re-released for the special edition of As Daylight Dies.

As for the genre itself, most bands consist of heavy distortion, mixed with generic “hardcore” screaming and breakdowns, that to most people a. Every 21st generation metal fan associates Holy Diver with “That totally cool Killswitch Engage thing.

As the camera pans across them, the third slowly raises its head to reveal eyes resembling those of a killswitch engage holy. Most of their music is boring and genrerally awful. Records singles Roadrunner Records singles. Holy Diver Killswitch Engage.

Holy Diver (song)

That’s when everything in this song goes to shit. This is such a mixed bag. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The guitars were too prominent and the bass was nonexistent, but the clean vocals were actually pretty good. Well killswitch engage holy is not the killswitch engage holy of the song, and they are not looking inventetive by doing it.

As mentioned in the introduction, this was excatly what the band had been hoping for. Maybe not for the people who grew up listening to Dio, but for the younger generation it sure as hell does! The singer adds all these unnecessary extra notes to the melody and killswitch engage holy off sounding like Pacido Domingo after jumping onto a bicycle with the seat missing.

From all the music I’ve listened to, I’ve found that there are three types of covers that can be done.

HOLY DIVER GUITAR PRO by Killswitch Engage @

And the breakdown ah yes, so clever and ingenious. Okay, I’m really sick of looking at all of these reviews that bash this song. US Billboard Rock Tracks.

There is not one reason to put a breakdown in the middle of a perfectly good song. It’s like they took it from something they saw on MTV and stuck killswitch engage holy in the middle of the killswitch engage holy and then said, “Yeah, we’re so smart. The layering on Howard’s voice gives it the required presence in the mix, Mike D’Antonio’s bass lays down a nice rhythmic foundation and adds a nice rumble to the mix, the axemen have a nice biting tone, and Foley’s drums have a nice balance that sounds both modern and organic.

Just spin the classic song into a totally different direction if you wish, but try not to butcher it in the process.