Jun 21, Posts: How can you achieve Windows 7 XFS file system access? You get the equivalent of a fsck every single time. And I’m not even sure why you’re talking about reiser, at all since the OP says: The only difference is that I believe e2fsck will replay the log for you, unless forced to do a full scan of course, instead of letting the mount process handle it. I’m wondering if the Crossmeta driver is considered stable or not? When the filesystem author blames data loss on hardware issues where other filesystems have no such problems and the hardware checks out in testing, I don’t think I’d want to trust any data to said filesystem.

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I would sfs crossmeta xfs it only if privacy would be premium. Jul 4, Posts: Jun 21, Posts: Its pretty funny that of all of these posts, crossmeta xfs one is a direct reply to your question.

Then the disk v appears containing a mini-Unix environment. Mounting XFS in windows seems to be a feat for the future, as we have not found any reasonable driver for windows.


Windows 10 Creators Update: All new data is written to the journal first, and then to its crossmeta xfs location. You can download Crossmeta from here. It seemed by others remarks around the net, that this could be a ceossmeta utility, but alas we could not find any stability with mounting the filesystem.

I’m wondering if the Crossmeta driver is considered stable crossmeta xfs not?

[CORE] Crossmeta File System Drivers (XFS for Windows) – ReactOS JIRA

Originally posted by BK0: Reiser3 is virtually as abandoned as Reiser4, just about all of the maintenance is crossmeta xfs by one guy at SuSE. Jan 23, Posts: August 21st, 5.

XFS is a great filesystem, and if you need the advantages it can provide, it’s really nice. I and a few collegues tried crossmeta xfs get the Crossmeta driver package crossmeta xfs in our environment, and our users’ environments, and it was a complete wash.

I picked the version 1. Reiser is not to be trusted with mission critical data. Jan 7, Posts: The time now is The XFS analogue to “fsck” or “chkdsk” is the mounting process. Jun 28, Posts: Sun Jan 06, I searched for “ext3 crossmeta xfs windows” and came crossmeta xfs http: Aug 7, Posts: I’ve had critical corruptions in the last 2 years.

CROSSMETA File Systems for Windows

Crossmetx 2 data loss events, I switched them all over to ext3. Reiser3 with crossmeta xfs enabled will not survive a unclean shutdown such as during a power failure. Sorry, I didn’t even know the thing existed until just now or I would’ve tried it a while ago.

Ok just get gparted, from the live cd, to shrink your data partition by crodsmeta to 2 gig, whatever a vm needs crossmeta xfs expand your windows partition by the same amount. What a fucking joke. I don’t know what hell their crossmeta xfs scheme comes from.

[all variants] [SOLVED] How to read linux xfs partition from windows?

And let’s crissmeta note that fsck. For details and our forum crossmeta xfs attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. Well as long as we’ve all got anecdotes.