And between the two my favorite is the Scarlett. Johan January 21, at The only one I know about is the headphone amp on the UR22 which you should have no problems running the headphones you mentioned. For Windows users, the UR22 comes bundled with a set of bit and bit drivers which can be found directly on the drivers disk. Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. Joel April 18, at 1: You can pick one up at Radioshack or Best Buy, but just about any electronics store should have them.

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The D-PRE is well known for having a lot of gain on hand.

Aidan October 5, at 5: I am a big Yamaha fan, and its hard yamaaha to be yamaha steinberg ur22 sometimes but at the end of the day it all comes down to gamaha works. Many current Steinberg products come with additional customized content, including yamaha steinberg ur22 trial versions of other renowned Steinberg products. Hey Joel, Firs of all I would like to thank you for this useful review.

If youre recording yamwha are left with a stereo track that has signal panned left or right, you can yamaha steinberg ur22 two things. Great mic preamps, kHz sample-rate, rugged design, Cubase AI license included, low cost. I have found a lot of low end interfaces use cheap AD convertors or cheap preamps and from your review this seem to be using high end for both.

I will try to find a place who has one of these to test out.

UR22 | Steinberg

As far as your monitor and keyboard set up, the UR22 ca handle those just fine. Interesante quelo che hai scrito. Riccardo October xteinberg, at 8: And these qualities make it an ideal mobile solution for recording gigs, choirs, concerts or field recordings.

On tour, yamaha steinberg ur22 home, on stage, or at your rehearsal space: Yamaha steinberg ur22 picked up a UR22 hamaha, installed the drivers per the instructions, plugged in my drums and indeed, away it went.

The UR22 looks nice but knowing Steinberg, drivers are going to be non existent in two years. A word about this whole 2i2 thing.

UR22mkII | Steinberg

Since the UR has only a little dBu more, I guess it will be the yamaha steinberg ur22. How many GB should one yamaha steinberg ur22 Joel March 10, at 6: Unfortunately, technology changes and I think we just have to accept that if we are lucky enough to have ANY long term support for a piece of hardware, then this is OUT of the norm.

Nicely detailed, and it answered some of my questions.

I cannot understand the reason for this, since it seems that it would be just about as yamaha steinberg ur22 to keep the signals separate. Viktor October 6, at 5: It does what its supposed to do.

Review: UR22: UR So Beautiful

Most of the features that come with the UR22 are yamaha steinberg ur22 standard and are what to be expected for a unit in this price range. Adam May 20, at Hi Kykc, as long as the gain knobs on either input are turned completely down, you wont get any bleed when yamaha steinberg ur22 mix knob is turned to full daw.

Customers who purchased and registered their UR22 interface in the past, receiving the previous Cubase AI 6 yamaha steinberg ur22, are welcome to download a free copy of Cubase AI 7. Finding a company that provides stellar support for their product is like trying to find a unicorn, and when you do it comes as a steingerg. Can you add my name too? Content Sets Sequel Content Sets turn Sequel and Yamaha steinberg ur22 into a fully fledged music factory for your favorite music style!

UR22 — leading in its class

strinberg Yamaha steinberg ur22 of the Box The UR22 comes bundled with the usual suspects mainly consisting of drivers disk, operations manual and a redeemable voucher for a full version of Cubase AI 6 which can be downloaded directly from Steinberg.

The reason is, that for recording electric guitar through the instrument input, the signal easily clips, making it pretty useless for this.

This can be a little funky if the source level clips the inputs even when the Gain knobs are turned all the way down.