At the moment, one has to go without the alternatives of blue, gold, pink, and silver since only the black and white variant are offered here in this country. You can change your settings at any time. The only real downfall these smaller screens have is limited resolution x , which often causes problems with some applications that require minimum resolutions for menu screens. Actual figures may vary in real-world situations. The medium hub, the pleasant sound, and the stroke make it possible to attribute the aptitude for extensive typing to the keyboard based on its basic properties. On paper, it provides a minor bump in speed rating over the 1. Elegant, plain white with low-maintenance surface.

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Vertical viewing angles which tend to quickly invert colors on full-size asus eee pc 1000he stay accurate longer on the display found on the HE. When working in practiceeverything went pretty gentle, as typical of netbooks, but without longer periods of waiting during the usage of several applications at the same time. By Sal Cangeloso The overall feel of the keyboard on the HE was nice and firm, and we had no problems typing at a brisk pace without looking down.

With case dimensions of mm w x Continue to next page 01 Even asus eee pc 1000he, the asus eee pc 1000he is suitable for mobile usage only to a limited extent, due to its factory-provided maximum brightness of averagely The biggest selling point of the Eee PC HE is the system’s excellent battery life, a product of a big six-cell battery and Asus’ clever engineering.

ASUS has streamlined the design of the series by removing the bulge on the bottom of the system, resulting in a smoother and slimmer look. These are per default pre-configured with the Asus-energy-saver-profiles and Skype, but can be, as mentioned, changed as one likes.

Compared directly to other netbooks, such as the Lenovo Ideapad S10eor the Samsung NC10the Asus HE is audibly louder, but is altogether still on a asus eee pc 1000he level and reaches dB A without load.

It can either be used through a custom, yet slightly distorted image, or through scrolling the desktop on the internal display.

Since the netbook has only one slot for system memory, one has to asus eee pc 1000he the 1 GB module present through a 2 GB module.

Enjoy All-day Computing with Eee PC™ 1000HE

Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative. Please read in our review where the differences to the remaining Eee-range by Asus lie, and lc the mini-notebook performs in comparison to the competition The HE doesn’t have a clear advantage feature-wise over asus eee pc 1000he netbooks.

Adus are quite sufficient for listening to music without great expectations, and convince through an undistorted sound. Visit our network of sites: The display bezel now has a glossy finish, too.

Anyone who owned a c will understand how far things have come along asus eee pc 1000he the change makes the HE feel like more than just a refresh.

In real-world terms, you’d be hard-pressed to notice the difference at all. For a Netbook, the Asus Eee PC 100he has always been a bit heftier than the competition, but that distinction is even more pronounced when compared with inch systems such as asus eee pc 1000he HP Miniwhich is more than half a pound lighter and considerably thinner than the Eee PC.

This system features a vastly improved keyboard, pcc its trackpad and touch buttons are better than most systems in its class. Only one slot for system memory.

Eee PC HE | Laptops | ASUS Global

This effect is only recognizable on monochrome contents on the display and does not lead to any objections during regular usage. The HE follows up the inch Hwhich was a major hit, as well as systems that branched off the x tree, like the HA.

The ports offered come off modestly, as is typical of netbooks. There is a GB of storage with the internal 2. The clear keyboad layout features keys with a size of Eed handful of quick-launch buttons above the keyboard cycle through power profiles, start Skype, and change the screen resolution. The system’s new lithium ion battery, with an impressive mAh capacity, lasted 7 hours and 8 minutes. Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance. Although the asus eee pc 1000he doesn’t add much in the way of performance, we’ll take it.

Our white test model showed very good conduct in this fee, since its surface asus eee pc 1000he finger prints and dust particles very well, it only reveals them on a close look.

This netbook picks up fingerprints quickly, but we have no complaints about the overall aesthetics.