Please be warned that selling counterfeit products are illegal and punishable by civil and criminal courts according to the trademark, copyright, and intellectual properties laws and regulations. I’m afraid that there is no solution Download drivers from Prolific site. Available forum solutions to this problem are half-baked. Install the gpsd and gpsd-clients packages.

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It don’t care, because the old version is now available in the list, and you can proceed as mentioned above. Taipei Headquarter 7F, No. When you plug the device into USB, it is well recognized by W10 and it try to load the Prolific driver. Counterfeit IC prolific usb gps show exactly the same outside chip markings but prolifid are of poor quality and causes Windows driver compatibility issues Yellow Mark Error Code 10 in Device Prolific usb gps.

Prolific USB-Serial Driver

Logout of your current session for group changes to take effect. PL CheckChipVersion tool program.

Also described peolific completely below. If you have problem with, for example gps, connecting to different ports each time you restart udev is your friend.

Hey, but I can’t do that myself!!! I’m afraid that there is no solution Type troubleshooting in the search bar, click on troubleshooting.

Install the gpsd and gpsd-clients packages. I have the latest driver from prolific and they stated its a windows 10 issue. Yes No Sorry this didn’t help.

The download contains instructions.

Try moving the GPS receiver to a clear location. June 1, Applies to: This is less of an issue nowadays, compared to, say 10 – 15 years ago.

Daren replied on August 20, If you want to delete it – use the Windows “Uninstall a Program” or “Add or Remove Program” feature – however this will also uninstall the driver itself. There is lot’s of people reporting problems with W10 and Prolific devices based on popular PL adapter. It is not always gp which is the correct one, but in general the device will have a name starting: The response will be all groups that the user belongs to. Available forum solutions to this problem are half-baked.

Only one program can at one time use the connection. Prolific usb gps file is already present in Ubuntu, but needs editing for prolific usb gps connection.

Click connect to data source button. An alternative workaround for this issue is provided by using a COM port splitter such as XPort http: Notice in above picture, Code 10 error. Next time, the driver remain to prolific usb gps. This or similar responses indicate that gpsd is running.

GPS Setup [OpenCPN Manuals]

If not, you have to add your user to this group. Prolific usb gps Yaseer replied on August 16, Not all Linux distributions add the user to this group by default.

Install gpsd from source. There are several companies making dedicated GPS receivers.