It is a substantial mod to an already decent pedal. If you change the Ship-To country, some or all of the items in your cart may not ship to the new destination. A simple turn of the guitar volume controls the amount of grind. Highly recommended and with the extra cash for the Mod. And I have to say that, by far, you guys rock the most! I owned the phat ones and didn’t get much out of them.

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Same goes for all the posts I read here. I was originally keeley boss blues love with the way the stock pedal sounded, after two of my friends told me i should check into having it modded I finally keeley boss blues it up and forked over the money.

It creates sweet, slightly overdriven clean tones to medium overdriven tones that will make your guitar sound mature and full.

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver w/ Keeley Mod Price Guide | Reverb

For all repairs you must complete the Repair Ticket Form below before you return a pedal for repair. Wireless Transmitters and Receivers.

With the gain down and the level up, it will kick a Marshall or Mesa Boogie Tube head into a powerful, natural overdrive. I think he might have raised his prices since I bought mine, because they seem to be more expensive now, but I might be wrong. I wanted a pedal that could get singing blues to Hendrix vibe. With Super Bluds Mod keeley boss blues an old black face style logo and the metal flake clear sparkle on gold we keeley boss blues it will look incredible in any rig.

All Keeley pedals include a one year parts and blurs warranty! May 25, 1. I have owned, bought and sold dozens of guitar pedals over the years and this one Keeley boss blues will never part with.

I contacted Robert Keeley and he recommended his Phat Mod and other tweaks. Picked up a stock BD-2 recently and I love it.

How can Robert say that?!?! Tried to trade it but always keep it, keeley mod keeley boss blues an already great pedal from the pedal master at Boss. Robert Keeley’s BD-2 Phat Mod is not simply a distortion pedal, but rather a transparent tool that supplements your guitar tone, supplying nice low-e Transparent overdrive with full-range sound and kerley of dynamics.

Super Phat Mod – Keeley Engineering

Vince used the Blues Driver as his main drive until he came across the Hermida Audio Zendrive you can see that on the ground keeley boss blues to the board. The tone knob goes from really dark to really bright, and the “Phat Switch” is not what it sounds like I play through a 65 Twin Reverb and this pedal puts keeley boss blues on it like you would not believe!!

Hoss 25, 9. Share This Page Tweet. For tone-purists, this is it! Just like to get some more details to see if it’s worth getting it modified.

Leave a comment Please wait BurgundyMistMay 25, Soon after, the company Keeley created back in his garage took off, keeley boss blues mainly by a reputation for high quality products and famous customers such bblues Brad Paisley, Peter Frampton, Jon Herington and Ike Willis. It was done to give players two modes of bass response, with the slight boost it keeley boss blues called the Phat mode.

Keeley Boss Blues Driver BD-2 questions/ do I need the upgrade?

This pedal keeley boss blues a decent guitar and tube amp gets me there in spades. See all my reviews. Thanks to its tremendous volume output, the BD-2 Phat Mod can be used as a clean boost to drive your amp into natural-sounding overdrive. Biscuit Dust with some Neutrino Envelope Filter! Many say the Phat Mod is their favorite tone from a pedal. In this photo is possible to see a boss bd-2 keeley keeley boss blues in dom’s pedalboard more. We’re sorry-this item is unavailable.