I have a satellite A The pc went into restart mode but did not come back on. Video rasterizer circuitry video card , memory system or built-in , LCD cable, LCD assembly itself, clip connectors and sometimes bad parts on the motherboard. I have a Qosmio G35 av THE connecter is good! Followed advice as above and downloaded later BIOS which has to go to a floppy disc and is then loaded when the machine is rebooted from the floppy. If the external video is fine then most likely your problem is somewhere inside the display assembly.

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There is nothing live threatening.

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Does any body know if there any type of FUSE on the motherboard? Toshiba satellite a105-s1014 for the help. The diagnostics clearly say that LCD, toshiba satellite a105-s1014, cable are all fine. From my experience, this kind of failure thin vertical line across the screen is not related to a failed video cable, bad connection or bad video card. Hi My laptop screen is not working good it tosiba horizontel lines on it and if i connect he laptop to external moniter than also it give the same horizentol line i donot where is the problem?

You can try this.

I checked the pins in the battery compartment with the adapter toxhiba in and im getting 3. I played toshiba satellite a105-s1014 the screen back and forth and got to a point where it will work if I closed toshiba satellite a105-s1014 screen a little more than half way.

We do not have equipment to replace the memory module itself.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

Unplug the toshiba satellite a105-s1014 supply. Thanks for the help. Do i have to get a new screen? What I want to know is it the Inverter, Display, or Video card? Or maybe something else.

Will it work from the battery as normal, if you unplug the adapter? It sees the battery, knows its a secondary battery but gives me the same results.


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Can you give me any ideas of where to look for a replacement LCD if that is the problem? I think that when I put all screws on sides back in toshiba satellite a105-s1014, they stretched the screen somehow and made it work fine. Apparently there toshiba satellite a105-s1014 a problem with the motherboard and it has to be replaced.

F2 key method Turn the computer toshiba satellite a105-s1014. From there you can impliment a fix. The power LED flashes tlshiba Im hoping that maybe you might be able to help me?

But, after I removed the screen and put it back I got a perfect video. I did a defrag, check disk, virus, malware and spyware check all showed satrllite problems at the issue satelite worse. I would replace the batter but I am not sure if it is the battery or a problem with the software that is causing the computer to toshiba satellite a105-s1014 because the icon is wrong.

Hi, i have a prob similar to the 1st one that has been discussed. I put in toshiba satellite a105-s1014 power yesterday, the screen froze and when I rebooted it, it showed exactly as the one the picture shows in example 4… thanks for the help.

The problem seems to change a little each time A105-1014 reboot the computer but always ends locking up or crashing causing harddrive problems. Test the laptop with an external monitor.

Toshiba Sound Card Drivers Download

Tan Huu Phuong November 20, If the toshiba satellite a105-s1014 video is fine then most likely your problem is somewhere inside the display assembly.

The lcd screen now only toshiba satellite a105-s1014 resolution and will not extend over the netire Changes to some of the settings will require re-starting the PC and Satellihe.

I think they are replacing the motherboard just as a precaution. I have the same problem have had my toshiba sattelite for about 3 years and suddenly the battery is not charging while the ac toshiba satellite a105-s1014 on.