The PSP26U models above can also use the 2. I have acer You can see them on the picture 5. The one closest to the motherboard is the only one that works. Release the wireless card antenna cables. I have been trying to decide whether it is my graphics card or RAM that is unable to keep up with some of the programs I am using because at times the whole system seems to slow to a crawl.

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It crashes everytime it goes into windows.

You can see both RAM modules on the third image. Any large PATA hard drive should work just fine. With out that Aspire 5100 bl51 cannotinstall my OS to make the cd work or even access the setup function.

Try removing RAM modules one by one. Thanks a bunch, dude!

Taking apart Acer Aspire – Inside my laptop

Download the hard drive diagnostics utility and test the drive. Does this sound like a BIOS issue or a motherboard issue? Check out other downloads available for your laptop, as;ire Acer bl551 some kind of update which improves the system performance. This jack is not compatible with IdeaPad S or S models. Try booting your laptop from a bootable disc. I have an Aspire and have had an aspire 5100 bl51 with intermittent and random shutdowns. Hi, I have aspire 5100 bl51 Acer Aspire Run the recovery disc and reinstall everything back to factory defaults.

I let this go for a few minutes then it shut itself off. Try starting the laptop with only one module installed. Try reimaging the hard drive using the recovery process.

Taking apart Acer Aspire 5100

aspire 5100 bl51 I have a weird situation with my acer The laptop is currently xspire starting at all. I have a problem where I must apply pressure on the left side of the track pad. I have to reboot during which it starts a disk check.

I then connected up Fred to first Acer. Bought my son a laptop, Acer Wlmi.

Then, review the results and narrow it down by manufacturer shown in the description line of the items found. Simply replace the hard drive and aspjre the recovery disc to reimage it back to factory defaults. Remove screws, if there are any. If not, most likely this is the motherboard failure. Thanks for your help! Lift up and remove the fan. Back up all personal data and reinstall Windows from scratch. I doubt aspire 5100 bl51 cleaner will help.

Blow off dust using canned air. Not sure what my next step should be. I broke the screen but using your guide i replaced the screen with aspire 5100 bl51 problems. The memory module will pop up at a degree angle.

If the keyboard is not working on startup, apparently there is something wrong with the hardware probably motherboard related. I have a used acer aspireevery now and then the aspire 5100 bl51 either goes black or white with horizontal gray lines. Search for this part number on the Internet. Aspire 5100 bl51 I knew how to find it… peace of cake with this tutorial.

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There could be a problem with the hard drive. Could you please help on that? How ever I am curious to know if taking the wireless card out and replacing it will be as simple as the aspire 5100 bl51.

All you need is the motherboard, CPU with heat sink, memory and external monitor. Hello My scree is bad on my where can I purcase one and is it hard to aspire 5100 bl51 myself. Strangely enough, after another 5 seconds or so, it restarts itself, and repeats the cycle over and over.

Thanks for the help. Yep, could be memory problem. If the hard drive damage is not too bad maybe a few bad sectorsyou should aspire 5100 bl51 able to access it through My Computer and back up the data. Can you see the new hard drive aspire 5100 bl51 the BIOS? I have second Acer First of all thanks for the site. Third time lucky I managed to create an account. I will try flashing the bios next. Run diagnostics on the hard drive. Lift up the hard drive.

Try reconnecting memory modules.