Release the sheet-feeder PCA by removing two screws callout 2. Connector locations Use these diagrams to identify connector locations. This option does not appear if no mass-storage devices are Manual Sensor Test special Mode Test To isolate a problem, specify which input tray to use, specify whether to use the duplex path, and specify the number of copies to print. Press the tabs, and then lift the registration plate. Page Lift the pickup-and-feed assembly out of the printer. Do not touch the top of the transfer unit or the contacts on the left side of it.

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Figure Pre-exposure Step 2: See the getting started guide for installation instructions. For information about removing the sheet laserjeh sensor, see Up sensor sheet feeder on page in this chapter.

Page First occurrence 0mm Primary charging roller hp color laserjet 3800dn printer Developing cylinder 27mm Registration roller inside 35mm Registration roller outside 36mm Transfer roller inside 44mm Fuser sleeve 75mm Photo sensitive drum 76mm Fuser pressure roller 79mm Figure Repetitive defect ruler NOTE: Do not use a pozidrive screwdriver callout 2 or any motorized screwdriver.

Print-quality problems that are related to jams Make sure that all media is cleared from paserjet paper path. On the right side of the printer, gently pull the black tabs together, and then pull the formatter assembly from the printer. Page Remove the cover by releasing the two rear hp color laserjet 3800dn printer tabs.

Printer Cartridge NSN’s – 01

Navigates menus and text, and decreases the values of numerical Down arrow button items in the display. Laser Statement For Finland Laser statement for Finland Luokan 1 laserlaite Klass 1 Laser Apparat HP Color LaserJetn, dn, dtn,n, dn,n, dn, dtn, laserkirjoitin on kyttjn kannalta turvallinen luokan 1 laserlaite. Page Disconnect one connector callout 4 and remove the fan.

If so, replace the print cartridge. Figure Remove hp color laserjet 3800dn printer left cover 3 of 5 Release the two locking tabs at the rear of the laserjt cover.

Slide the delivery roller and retainer out of the upper cover. Figure Remove the rear lower cover 2 of Page Control-panel message Description Recommended action Wait for the fuser to cool before you remove it. Figure Remove the right cover 4 of 4 Hint When installing the right cover, make sure that the metal power-switch arm is engaged with the power switch. Table Causes for vertical lines of white dots continued Cause Solution Secondary-transfer charging roller is deformed or Replace the secondary-transfer charging roller.

Don’t show me this message again. Page Raise the media sensor, and then slide it off of the hinges to remove it. Hp color laserjet 3800dn printer printing speed is 15 ppm for letter-size media and 29 ppm for A4-size media. Hp color laserjet 3800dn printer Remove three screws callout 2 and the sheet-metal plate callout 3.

HP LaserJet printer model reference

Repetitive-defects Troubleshooting Repetitive-defects troubleshooting Defects on printer rollers can cause image defects to appear at regular intervals on the page.

Page 90 Move the two ETB connectors callout 2 to the raised position as when the front cover is closed. This can hp color laserjet 3800dn printer the printer and void the product warranty. Hp color laserjet cp printer – software technical reference addendum pages.

Maintenance agreements are not part of the standard warranty.

Select a sturdy, well-ventilated, dust-free area that is away from direct sunlight to position the printer. All references to HP parts, copier toner cartridges, printer toner cartridges, fax toner cartridges, imaging units, drums and supplies are to help you to find the products and supplies for your HP printer, fax or co,or.

hp color laserjet 3800dn printer

HP 3600 – Color LaserJet Laser Printer Service Manual

Color LaserJet, priter Remove all of the wire-harnesses from the guide callout 6. Hint When you reinstall the lower screw, hp color laserjet 3800dn printer might need to rotate the cam so it does not block access to the screw-hole. Chapter 6 Troubleshooting Adding memory to the printer might accommodate printing of more complex pages. Table Internal components 2 of 5 Description Part number Cam, gear.

Pickup-and-feed Assembly Pickup-and-feed assembly Remove the following components: Hp color laserjet 3800dn printer a flatblade screwdriver to release the two locking tabs callout 2 on the front of the right cover, and the tab on the printer chassis callout 3.

Printer Toner Cartridges, Supplies and Parts by HP Model

See Electrostatic transfer belt Hp color laserjet 3800dn printer on page Remove two screws callout 1 and the paper and registration sensor covers callout 2.

When you install a replacement formatter, you must calibrate the printer. Figure Remove the pickup-and-feed assembly 8 of 8 Hint Slightly flex the chassis when you reinstall the pickup-and-feed hp color laserjet 3800dn printer. This option does not appear if no mass-storage devices are Snail tracks Table Causes for snail tracks Cause Solution This occurs in high-temperature, high-humidity Replace the fuser.

Multipurpose-tray pickup mechanism The cassette must be installed in order for the multipurpose MP tray to operate.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Simplex model printers do not have this part. Page Release the retainer tabs on the ETB connector link arm callout 11 and slide hp color laserjet 3800dn printer link arm off of the pivot pin. ENWW External doors, covers, and panels Turn the printer off, wait 5 seconds, and then remove the power cord before attempting to service the printer.

Figure Remove the duplex fan 3 of 3 TIP: Print-media Specifications, Supported Media Types 1, Supported Media Sizes Capacity can vary depending on media weight and thickness and environmental conditions. Confirm that the media guides are against the stack without bending hp color laserjet 3800dn printer and that the stack does not extend above the fill tabs.

When a non-HP print cartridge is installed, a? Turn off the printer. Hp color laserjet 3800dn printer installing the right cover, make sure that the metal power-switch arm is engaged with the power switch. This manual also for: Collr process functions independently and must be coordinated with the other processes. Disconnect six connectors callout 4and remove one screw callout 5 to release the pickup- and-feed driver PCA.