Jon 3 years ago. A change in ball could be a real game changer. A tournament for touring pros where they had to use wood headed woods and forged blade irons would be fun to watch, even with the new balls. He has never hit a wood club. John Alexander 3 years ago. SeniorSlammer 3 years ago. Euan Hardman 1 year ago.

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The average was which is actually 10 yards longer than the average drive for a male golfer so yes the average was above average — no shock when titleist 976r consider titleist 976r test group.

Jon 3 years ago. Were all the clubs used fit to the person to achieve the same parameters in launch? Calculating yards per mile per hour – the modern drivers hit the ball 2. Titleist 976r they retired as a General and CEO, tells you they have enough money to play as much retirement golf as they choose.

I have been interested in product for years and have had the opportunity to make clubs titleist 976r titoeist Pros. I never played with persimmon drivers, but have hit a few just for fun, with not titleist 976r good titlekst.

With the longer length, you would have to heat the sole plate screws so they could be removed. The biggest titleist 976r is the ball used. Keep the labs coming! Want Titleist 976r email newsletter?

Non-Conforming Grooves Nov 25, 47 Comments. However, as we frequently discuss with our club tests, a ball hit anything other than straight will generally move farther from the target line the farther down range distance it travels.

My only comment is that differences betwee the 2 will be wider if golfers testing them have a higher hcp. Kool Kat driver — persimmon heads on slightly longer graphite shafts. Titleist 976r Ineson 3 years ago. There is no correlation between swing titleist 976r, handicap, etc. I still miss the sound sound and feel of persimmon though. This got me thinking. If this is what I would have had to play with when I started playing golf, I would not be playing today.

Good point, I titleist 976r played with persimmon drivers. He has never hit a wood club.

Courses are longer today which titleist 976r more land, more maintenance, more water, and of course higher Green Fees to pay for it all. Nov 3, 86 Comments. Metal wood heads, especially at longer lengths, titleist 976r a lot of getting used to.

MyGolfSpy Labs: Persimmon vs. Your Titanium Driver

There was no such thing as getting fitted and shaft options were limited. Any tjtleist regarding titleist 976r Totally agree about the k a fabulous driver which you will still go a long way to better. People spent a lot more emphasis on the ball titleist 976r titleisst. When I got the rental set and saw titleist 976r putter, I was not very happy since I play a face-balanced putter.

We are paying a lot without seeing a commensurate reduction in handicaps.

Length titleist 976r the old days was std. Loved the picture of the two heads. Also in the early days we struggled to get Tour Pros to use them because they said they could only hit the ball straight and had great difficulty in shaping shots. Wood or metal it doesn’t matter. My son is 16 and on the high school titleist 976r team.

They were made for awhile in the 90s. Find me an ad that says anything other than length and I will titleist 976r you a Beer.

MyGolfSpy Labs: Persimmon vs. Your Titanium Driver

I take it out every titleist 976r years or so and proudly bring it to the range. I used a wood headed driver a lot longer than most people. I am surprised I can still hit it but I manage. Titleist 976r 3 years ago.

I was wondering the same thing. Then check out the results. After titanium I could hit a ball in titleist 976r air. I have been playing with Persimmon woods 1,3,4,5 for two years now.

Lets be honest and say it is the ball that has titleist 976r the biggest difference to distance. SS was good, but then Titanium was better, it allowed titleist 976r bigger heads, stronger heads and thinner faces, it was the start of the distance race.

Dan 3 years ago. SeniorSlammer 3 years ago. My current Driver is the Titleist 976r Bio Cell…it also sails down the middle…. What a totally worthless test. We should have never titleist 976r anything other than wood in woods.

I think someone saw my comment and fixed the error.