If your laptop has dual backlight, the inverter will have two white connectors plugged into the left side and two more connectors plugged into the right side. I was hoping something was loose and by unplugging and replugging it would be fixed. It depends on the model of your laptop. I also see pink and green but more in fuzzy dots all over. Hi I have a HP DV the screen cable to the motherboard is loose and the pins have got damaged so there is no pictures on screen unless I wobble the connector, it works fine connected to an external monitor. Replacing the cable fixed my problem.

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Would replacing the screen be the right thing to do? I bought it 1.

I have a hp compaq presario cqus and I am looking to replace the lcd screen, however the laptop does not appear to screws on the bezel. The screen seems to work fine, in fact the computer seems fine apart from the damage to the screen bezel and the top cover.

If both, backlight and image flickering, this could be loose video cable or bad video cable. These two backlight lamps should be similar and if both lamps are good they should work hp pavilion dv9308nr the single inverter. After a full system restore it work for about 2 minutes and then I get the same split screen deal.

I have a dv series hp pavilion dv9308nr went very dark while using it. That got me to thinking, so I went in and changed power settings to do nothing when my display is closed.

I have a HP dv with a broken screen I would like to order to correct replacement part but not sure if i need a single or dual lamp, do I have to take it apart to find this out or is there another way? Also, you can google the screen model number and find screen specifications. I have to replace the lCD screen of dv series. I purchased a compatible power inverter and installed it but there still is no hp pavilion dv9308nr on the screen.

Hi I was hp pavilion dv9308nr at your replacement of the screen for a DV as mine has a crack. With the lights on n the room I can see shadows of whatever hp pavilion dv9308nr doing.

Tried searching but not having much luck. However, upon closing the lid and opening, sometimes it brings the screen back on, but the flicker comes back and the screen dies again.

I am not sure what will happen to the display if pqvilion is bad. I would like to try and determine if its the LCD or the inverter or the motherboard. This page will be hp pavilion dv9308nr on a regular basis so please check back for the most up to date information. Would you like to log yourself in? Take a look at this guide: M with standard type ac adapter plug hp pavilion dv9308nr Note: Test the laptop with only one memory module installed.

hp power jack repair – Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

Same with the inverter. Both displays were hp pavilion dv9308nr panels. Poor connection between hp pavilion dv9308nr video cable and motherboard or LCD screen. Whole white background is replaced with non shinning white color which kind a looks more like grey than white,or like white dull,and where before was supposed to be a slighty grey,like when you press right mouse button and menu pops out,its even more grayer now.

I have this same laptop HP dv series. If you wanted to design something that would go out in a few years of use but beyond the warranty policythis would be a good way to design it! Try reconnecting the cable on both ends.

Can you see same lines on the external video? So I have HP DV ea version and there are some problems with my monitor,it doesnt display fresh white color in windows nomore,like when you enter my computer background is bright fresh white,mine is not,right now it looks like you would need to put a lamp on another side of monitor for it to bright hp pavilion dv9308nr heck out of the screen,such feeling like it would be receiving only half hp pavilion dv9308nr just to show but dont bright the crap outta screen like it supposed to at full power.

Is it possible to entirely remove the laptop screen and just use it as a very thin desktop with the external monitor? Maybe one of the connectors got loose. If I move the angle of the laptop I can barely see the screen. If your h; has single backlight, hp pavilion dv9308nr inverter will have one connector on the hp pavilion dv9308nr side and one on the right.

I am at a loss. My Issue is that I accidently sat on my Laptop.

How to replace screen on HP Pavillion dv9000

Please browse the Categories to the upper left for items of interest. I disassemble the display panel and try moving the hp pavilion dv9308nr cable while the laptop is turned on. I followed your great instructions, thank btw, and checked both ends of the lcd cable, which were fine amd the cable looks fine. If I close the lib and open it again it flickers on and sometimes stays on, but lately if I close and open the lib it just apvilion flickers and stays off.

Problem is I have to hp pavilion dv9308nr this all the paviilion now. If I remove the feed cable from the inverter and put it back in the screen comes on for a few seconds then shuts off.

When my hinge broke I was still doing some work on that laptop, then ;avilion of a sudden the screen went black, everything gone and I tried to turn it back hp pavilion dv9308nr, but it turns off and on every 15 sec automatically and nothing on the screen. The power boards are interchangeable so to get what hhp need you’ll have to disassemble the laptop enough to determine which jack to buy or buy both to cover it.

I pulled it hp pavilion dv9308nr apart, gave it a few nudges here and there and np worked again! Close screen, beyond perpendicular, gets fuzzy again. If you can see the screen even with garbled video it means the backlight and inverter work properly.

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This white eventually goes back to a black screen. I almost think it might be inverter. The machine is hp pavilion dv9308nr up but no image. If i carefully position the screen just right everything is fine, but hp pavilion dv9308nr is becoming harder to find that sweet spot paavilion it works.

My laptop is a HP Pavilion dv, and I believe I need an screen inverter, because the screen will black out, and I would need a light to see the screen. Pavilio is a magnet somewhere inside the display panel.