My solution comes after taking my a70 apart 5 times. I just want to let you know that I was able to fix the problem with my M35x-S laptop. Same program may be available on other cards, Anyway, saved a few bucks for sure. May be you have some kind of grounding issue? Is there anything that I can do to fix this problem?

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Remove the battery from the laptop and plug in the AC adapter. Yesterday I had to repair Toshiba Satellite P25; it had intermittent start up problem. I have the same problem with a Satellite A30, bad DC jack. On a whim I toshiba satellite a30 141 to see if this behavior repeated itself during the memtest, and I found that it did not. This happens under battery power and DC power both with and without the battery in the system. Wahl has them on sateolite site as well but I do not recall if you satellte purchase directly from them.

Toshiba satellite a30 141 memory is fine, then you might have a problem with the system board. Is there a manual that tells me how to get into this thing? Check me out on ebay under e-b-s. Toshiba apply black epoxy around the base of the DC jack to strengthen the DC jack after they replace or resolder it. Not sure which model, toshiba satellite a30 141 info has worn off the label on the bottom of the machine.

All my 3 lights are on, I hear my hard drive booting up, and fan spinning. Amilo Fujitsu Esprimo: Ike, I do not think that this time your problem is related to the power jack. I also tried to search eBay without any luck.

The power jack was exactly as you described it, cracked at the base where it connects to the system board. I found this site very helping.

It took me awhile to get around to plugging in the sound wires. I bought a faulty Toshiba A60 off a friend for a reasonable price, i replaced the broken power jack but now the laptop seems to have a short somewhere. Anyone have tosyiba idea how toshiba satellite a30 141 it would run me to get the motherboard replaced on this laptop?

As I said, I did the resolder procedure and had problems. The first solder job lasted less than tosjiba hrs, the 2nd about the same, the 3rd has been working for days now. My battery was charging and the computer would turn toshiba satellite a30 141 toshiva, the fan would kick in but the harddrive refused to start.

Check the video cable connector on the motherboard. I too had the pwer problem and had a repair guy solder it 3 times it kept toshiba satellite a30 141 pwer after a few months.

I moved the computer, and it just shut off with no warning at all. Make sure that the connector has no bent pins and the cable plugged in all the way down.

I purchased an HP laptop—with the extended warranty. It would be much cheaper.

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem

I have been searching for class action law suits for this laptop and have not found any! I re-soldered the jack on the top and bottom of the board and ohmed out the connections. I just want to let you know that I was able to fix the problem with my M35x-S laptop.

Game over heist es schon nach 90 Minuten. Read through other disassembly guide to get an idea. The Compaqs he got are nice. On the toshiba satellite a30 141 of throwing the Toshiba into the gargage I found this site and dismatled the darn thing.

The battery is getting charged when AC power is connected, but the battery charge LED goes off as soon as you turn toshiba satellite a30 141 the laptop. Douglas, Most of the time people cannot boot laptop after reassembly because something is not seated or connected properly. I can induce these lockups well into normal operations simply by switching the power mode ie going from DC to battery or vice versa. I just searched on eBay for A30 DC jack and found toshiba satellite a30 141 of them.

Any of the models listed above may use either center pin sizes, please verify the size you need. I can damage the system board and it would cost a lot of money to replace it.

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You will need to reuse your harness. When I resolder the DC jack, I usually remove it from the system board first. Measure the diameter of the AC adapter plug tip, 2.

He is waiting to get prices from Toshiba toshiba satellite a30 141 the cost of the board. Could i have messed up the motherboard somehow?

I think that you still can place the ribbon cable inside the connector and lock it. When I connect a battery I can get 19 volts on the copper layer that passes under the fuse which is one layer down.

Hey Bernie, May be when you accidentally toshiba satellite a30 141 the wires, the positive and tosuiba wires touched each other and shorted the adapter?

USB ports are a part of the system board and I do not know where you can buy them. Do you know saetllite a place to buy reconditioned labtop screen for a Toshiba A75 — labtop, mine has gone out after 16 months of use. Toshiba satellite a30 141 it does, replace the adapter.