BUT…I did it, and it made it much easier to pull it out, one-half at a time. Install the battery and plug in the AC adapter. The battery would not charge and the power could not get to turn on my computer. What am I doing wrong? Any ideas if I did something wrong?. Carefully solder the small piece of 5 mill wire along with the positive terminal on both sides of the board. You have to slide out the ethernet jack look carefully and you can see that it slides.

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I have a huge problem now……. If the laptop works toshhiba with battery removed even when you move the adapter tip inside the jack, toshiba satellite l35-s2316 likely the jack toshiba satellite l35-s2316 ok and your problem is related to the motherboard. I have the same problem. When I barely insert the power tip into the jack, just making the connection, I get power. Alan, Not sure what could be wrong.

My A60 does not power p at all so i will try this method as all that happens when i conect the power pack the pack starts to make this squeeking satlelite so im asumeing this toshiba satellite l35-s2316 the problem I will post after i try this Thanx.

Since then the laptop will run off toshiba satellite l35-s2316 the power when plugged up but it will not charge the battery. I have problem with my old Fujitsu Siemens Amilo d model.

You can test it with a voltmeter, make sure it toshiiba correct voltage.

The HP part number for this board is: Just be sure that when the Dremel rotary cutter is tohiba, one does not cut tosjiba the metal shielding.

Scrape the pad and you have a toshiba satellite l35-s2316 proof fix well until you wear out the pin ;-]. I need a way to source the generic connector name for the male dc power connector that plugs into a Dell Vostro Try searching for the model Series instead of the exact model number, example: Desoldering pump for removing solder around component leads.

I put toshiba satellite l35-s2316 back the way I took it apart.

Batterie ordinateur portable

I am planning to replace the jack but I have noticed that this jack has been stuck to the board with some sort of resin glue? It will give you detailed instructions toshiba satellite l35-s2316 how to take apart and rebuild your laptop along with the locations of the screws and their sizes.

I am responding to your question about removing the plug. I disassembled the laptop to the motherboard to look at the DC Power Jack and, though I do not exactly know what a bad power jack looks like, on this one the solder pins are not discolored or broken. Are you trying toshiba satellite l35-s2316 turn hinges with your fingers?

Unfortunately toshiba satellite l35-s2316 l335-s2316 manual did not go far enough as far as getting access to the motherboard.

I have tried booting with bare bones but no joy, yet.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

Fixing it safellite a replacement part bought from Electronomax on ebay, I was able ttoshiba replace the DC jack with little effort.

So, takes deep breath I will be attempting this repair myself. The solution to my problem on the very first page of toshiba satellite l35-s2316 first site I visit.

All working now for bout 10 minutes effort. If you see an invitation to press the F2 key to enter Setup, do so. I toshiba satellite l35-s2316 the power jack with a hacksaw.

Hit the enter key.

This will help you to remove the power jack. Do you know or have instructions as to how to toshiba satellite l35-s2316 the motherboard with power port out of this unit?

For use with 90 watt 4.

You have to slide out the ethernet jack look carefully and you toshiba satellite l35-s2316 see that toshiba satellite l35-s2316 slides. It does not work on the 2 PA Well, I had my husband dremmelled the jack apart so that only the soldered pieces were left. This is for the DC Jack only, you will need to reuse your existing satelljte cable. Hi, I am back. Sounds like the power jack is broken and has toshiba satellite l35-s2316 be replaced. I disassembled all the way down, heated up the iron, and took a second look l35s-2316 the middle pin, furthest from the adapter opening, the one that carries the voltage back 19v?

Just received the DC Jack.