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Analyzing dryers and their components, searching through old technical information and sales literature, and determining their capacity is a labor intensive and time-consuming task and we are far from finished. The Adobe Acrobat Affimity is available as a free download. Part list and Diagrams.

This method can be used as a crude estimate but we do not recommend using it for comparisson when shopping for a new dryer. Motor, switch, timer, relay and other component pinouts.

Because a drum is not exactly a cylinder. Share your experience with this unit: Finally, there are baffles inside the drum used for tumbling clothes. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents. Call repair technician enter Zip Code Find. Even dryers available today frigidaire affinity dryer manual pdf download not have capacity written in the manual because the frigidaire affinity dryer manual pdf download manual can be used across multiple models.

The manufacturers began using cubic feet capacity numbers only recently. Additional model number variants: To determine your dryer drum capacity please take two simple measurements: A small charge will help us continue our research. The submission to this site must be original not copiedin good taste, legal, accurate and true, non-defamatory, frigidaire affinity dryer manual pdf download, non-confidential, non-infringing of copyrights owned by others and relevant for this site.

If you were able to fix it, please tell us how! Your submission signifies agreement to the above and that you agree to grant an exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable, perpetual license to frigidaire affinity dryer manual pdf download display your submission on this website and affiliated social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. You also grant us the right to pursue anyone who copies your submission.

Did you have any dryrr with it? I have read and agreed to the Terms of Service. Please provide as many details as possible.

How long did you have this dryer for? Did you know that many appliances bearing the same name are produced by different manufacturers?

Dryer Drum Capacity as per Manufacturer Specifications in cubic feet: Do you own this unit? Use the ruler to measure the depth of the drum indicated by the red line affinitty the diagram 2.

Do not confuse the size of the the door opening with the size of the drum. Calculate Frigidaire affinity dryer manual pdf download Capacity Answer: The website operator reserves the right to reject or edit or delete any parts that violate the above, including the right to ban offenders from submitting again.

How did this model perform over time? Troubleshooting and Diagnosis Problems, Tests and Remedies. The edge where bottom connected to the wall is not at 90 degree angle but smooth and rounded. After your payment is complete you will be redirected to the document retrieval section.

Service and repair manuals often refer to the original base model before it was rebranded.

Find out Drum Capacity of this dryer Read reviews and share your experience with this nanual The end of the drum is not clearly marked and the back is not always flat.

Once the model is no longer sold, the sales literature is discarded and capacity information often lost. Now find the distance accross the drum, the diameter the frigidaire affinity dryer manual pdf download line on the diagram. What is the problem with this Frigidaire dryer right now? For example, a lot of Kenmore dishwashers are made by Whirlpool and Frigidaire, while certain Maytag washers were produced by Samsung. Retrieve your documentation here. Make sure to use the manufacturer’s part number when ordering a replacement.

Please share your experience.

Previously, they used relative terms such as “Large” or “Extra Capacity” or laundry weight e.