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Slide the zoom controller towards z to Zoom factor zoom. Quick Start Basics What is a digital camera? After configuring settings, load casio exilim manual pdf download Caso card into the camera and record. Use [8] and [2] to select a paper size and then press [SET]. If you are entering the REC mode, the lens will extend from the camera at this time.

Recording a Self-portrait With this feature, you can shoot your own self-portrait simply casio exilim manual pdf download pointing the camera at your face.

Page 35 Image Size Selection Tips Note that larger images have more pixels, so they take up more memory space. Accessories Accessories As you unpack your camera, check to make sure that all accessories shown below are included.

The printer ran out of paper while printing.

Shooting ID Casjo You can use this procedure to shoot a casio exilim manual pdf download and then print it out in the following standard ID photo sizes: The camera will not be able to crop the subject image properly if its color is the same as or similar to the background caiso. Turn off the camera and then use the USB cable that comes with the camera to connect it to your Macintosh. You attempted to copy images from built-in memory to a This function memory card while there is no memory card loaded in the cannot be used.

Download Casio EXILIM EX-ZR PDF Manual User Guide

Using the Self-timer Self-timer With the Self-timer, pressing the shutter button starts a timer. Use [4] and [6] to select the subject you want to insert and then press [SET]. When pressing the shutter button, be sure to hold the camera as shown in the illustration below, and keep it still by pressing your arms firmly against your sides as you shoot. Casio exilim manual pdf download And Folders Files and Folders The camera creates a file and saves it each time you shoot a snapshot, record a movie, or perform any other operation that stores data.

Press [0] Movie to start playback. Doing so can result in the image you just shot being saved incorrectly, damage to other images stored in memory, malfunction of the camera, etc. Specifying Movie Image Quality. Double-click the image file you want to view. Battery power is low. The printer ran out of paper while printing. This is the standard Auto recording mode. This file cannot be The file you are trying to access is corrupted or is a type that played.

To shoot a casio exilim manual pdf download Press [r] REC to turn on the camera.

Casio EXILIM EX-ZR200 Camera User’s Manual Guide (Owners Instruction)

Dynamic Getting the Most Out of Casio exilim manual pdf download Photo For a wealth of information about ;df Photo including explanations about how to use Dynamic Photo images, the Dynamic Studio image conversion service, sample images, and more, visit the special Dynamic Photo website at: These values will appear briefly, however, in the cqsio image that is displayed immediately after you shoot a snapshot.

Deleting Snapshots and Movies If memory becomes full, you can delete snapshots and movies you no longer need in order to free up storage and record more images.

Page When the frame where you exlim the cut point to be is displayed, press [2]. Press [0] Movie to start Movie icon: To print Turn on the printer and load paper. The back lamp will light green momentarily and the camera will turn on. These values are not guaranteed.

The smaller the image pdt, the higher the zoom factor you can use before reaching the You can perform the operations described casio exilim manual pdf download while the camera is connected to a computer.

Image Size Selection Tips Note that larger images have more pixels, so they take up more memory space.