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For all inquiries concerning this camera, call toll free in the U.

Or, if you have a commercially-available CF card reader that can read the CF card, use it to transfer the images in the card to a personal computer. If anything is missing, contact your dealer. CF cards made by Canon are recommended.

If it is [ ], see page Q Automatic Dkwnload AE This mode is for obtaining a wide depth of field automatically between a near subject and far subject. Page 10 Canon 300d manual pdf download store your CF cards in a case or cabinet to protect the data stored on them.

With the [Image] setting, you can print one image on one sheet or eight identical, smaller images on one sheet. Note that the image sensor is a very delicate component. So be careful when erasing an image. Before You Start This chapter explains a few preliminary steps and basic camera operations.

Connected printer icon Print setting screen Trimming frame: Image Playback You can select any image to view. AF point Shutter speed Aperture value Print Order Indication when [Standard] and [Both] are set. Bulb Exposures Bulb Exposures When bulb canon 300d manual pdf download set, the shutter is open during the time you keep pressing the shutter button fully.

Images not taken with the camera: Bulb is useful when a long exposure is canon 300d manual pdf download for capturing night scenes, fireworks, the night sky, etc.

Download Canon service manuals, repair manuals. Page 3

Each image canon 300d manual pdf download displayed for approximately 3 seconds. Print Order First you set the printing options and select the images to be printed. Display the image to be magnified. This effect is ideal for portraits.

Dioptric Adjustment By adjusting the diopter to suit your eyesight with or without eyeglassesthe viewfinder image will look clearer.

Rshutter-priority Ae RShutter-Priority AE In this mode, you set the shutter speed and the camera automatically sets the aperture value to suit the brightness of the subject. The date may be hard to see on canon 300d manual pdf download light background or on the border.

The camera uses the seven AF points to detect the nearest and farthest subjects manuzl be in focus. Safety Warnings Follow these safeguards and use the equipment properly to prevent injury, death, and material damage.

Evaluative, partial, and centerweighted average metering. Set the camera for playback.

Canon EOS Rebel 2000 Instruction Manual

Connect the camera to the printer. A higher ISO speed number indicates a higher sensitivity to light. Direct Printing from the Camera By using the dedicated cable to connect the camera to a Canon printer optional compatible with direct printing, you can easily print images dpf from the camera.

For example, a horizontal shot can be printed as dowlnoad vertical shot. Image Playback This chapter explains how to view and erase images and how to connect the camera to a TV monitor. canon 300d manual pdf download

Canon EOS EOS 300D Instruction Manual

Setting Procedure Display the menu. If the power is cut off, the shutter will close and it may damage the shutter curtains and image sensor.

Customer Relations, Canon U. This allows you to display images with the correct orientation.

If only one print is being printed, the printing cannot be stopped. Programmed Image Control Modes This is for fast-moving subjects when you want to freeze the action.

Using Canon CF cards is recommended. Portrait Landscape Close-up This down,oad blurs the background to make